Friday, June 15, 2018


We are making up a Narrative story using 2 pictures.  We pick 1 picture and we write a story using the picture.  Here is mine.

He scratches his bushy beard wondering how to make the most delicious
burger in the world by using potions.
He researches all night and day just to complete that task.
He stays up all night just to get his goal accomplished.
He mixes potions together over and over again,Turning a different colour every time.
He flicks through pages reading books and instructions.  He boils his potions constantly.
After 3 months of research and all of that work he accomplished.
He officially made the most delicious burger in the entire world.
Now he can enjoy the burger and rest from all of that work.


  1. Hi Mia, It's Sachary from St. Patricks School and I'm just here to say that I really like your story it's very interesting and probably would make a great story if you're planning on doing that and would LOVE to eat the burger but anyways, That's all, See ya!

  2. Hi Mia, I love your story and it sounds like it was a lot of fun to write. Maybe next time you could revise and edit, and maybe make it a little longer. I still really enjoyed reading your story. :)

  3. cool Mia your story was fun to read i really enjoyed it.