Friday, June 8, 2018


We are writing about how a group could make a difference to our awa.  Here is mine.

How can a group of kids make a difference to our awa? They could make posters to put around the town or advertisements to go on TV. And they can make inventions to help the local community.And just tell friends and family so they can tell other people

They can help by making posters to put up and advertisements on tv so people can see what is happening in the community.  People need to know. Like these People in germany they put posters up for a town clean up it did work. But only a little showed up to the clean up.  That shows how little people care about our rubbish and how it affects our community and what live in it.

They can also help by making inventions to help the community or town that they live in.  they could make some things to clean up or make it that the shops can ban plastic bags or make a car that picks up rubbish or something.  If they made something like this it'll really help the town or place or city that they live in.

Lastly they can help by telling friends and family. That'll also do a big help to the community or city or town.  By telling friends and family they will tell other people what's happening then they will tell other people then it´ll keep going on then they will clean up and help the place they live in.

In conclusion what I think kids should do is help the place town or city they live in.  Live telling family friends. Making posters or advertisements on T.V. Or simply make something to help the community. This'll all make a difference to the place we live in.

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