Monday, February 25, 2019

About My Weekend ~!

On Monday Morning we do Free Writing for 20 minutes.  We are alowed to write about anything for 20 minutes, Here is Mine,

                           My Weekend ~!

On the weekend it was my mum's birthday, but I didn't go.. I didn't go because I already had a planned weekend with my friends.  I went on Friday after school, It was amazing! Everyday we would go and walk the dogs and then play together on the Playstation. When it got to 9:00 pm and me and Kaia ( my other friend ) decided to go on the computers. Kaia and Malia both had their own computers and so I played on Malia's. We played flee the facility then Royale High on roblox. It got to 11:00 pm, that's when we had to go to sleep every time. We all got off and got ready for bed.  I was in my bed as everyone talked and jumped on their bed.  Kaia's bed was very noisy so I couldn't go to sleep properally when ever she moved.  Then after a while she talked to me, right when I was about to go to sleep.

I was always thoughtful to them so I hid my anger behind my thoughtful words.  I was so tired that I just fell asleep on the matress on the floor beside Kaia's bed.  I woke up at 9:00 and talked with Kaia until 11:00 when we always have breakfast and alowed to go on our devices.  Kaia downloaded Yandere Simulator on her computer so we played it together.  I pretty much had learnt everyone in the school that day.  We got bored so we played Little Big Planet 3 on the Playstation, it was amazing we wanted the older girls to join us but there were only two working controller's so we tried joining other players.  We joined someone that tried to kidnap Kaia and so I was the hero by slapping him to the ground and picking her up and flying away heroicly.  I was like Superman on that day!