Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Making Spiders

On Monday the 1st we made spider webs.

We needed a yarn wool

Some scissors

3 sticks

So first we need to do under and over with the string on the sticks and keep on doing it until it looks beautiful, then when your done you make a spider


  1. Hi mia I am Maddison I am a year 5 student in Rimu and Grate wook how did you make it

  2. hi mia im shay from yaldhurst model school i relly like you spider web how did you make that thing i relly like it its relly cool mia

  3. Hello Mia, My name is Jedi I am a year 6 from Rimu. You did an awesome job here it i so cool I wish I knew how to make that. Maybe next time try to add pictures with you explaination on how to make this so that the spider web. But it is so awesome.

    kind regards:

  4. Hey there Mia! My name is Parwin and I am from Yaldhurst Model School, Your spider web looks really cool and I wanted to know if you enjoyed making it and how long did it take you? It is great you added the steps because then people that want to make it can make it. If you want to check my blog then here it is...

  5. hey there mia! its chloe from yaldhurst modal school this look so cool i,m happy the i went on your. this nearly looks like a real spider web. was this hard ??

    1. Kia Ora I am Maya From Grey Main School Mamaku 1.
      I saw your spider web post I really like how everyone can make it because it is recycled.

      It is so easy to make you just need string and pop sticks. Maybe next time you could put more instruction about how to make it.

      I have a question for you what inspired you to make this and did your whole class make them? If you give me some more instructions I could share it with my class and we could make it.

      By Maya

    2. oh wow That's good and bad. im very happy how you replayed back !!!

  6. Hi Mia My name is Bridget and I am a year 5 in rimu class like how you have put some steps in it and what you need to make it you might want to write more.


  7. Kia Ora Mia my name is Allie from Grey Main School I really like your spider web I wont to make it one day how long did it take you to make so you had to get two sicks and sire did you ask your friend to help you as well so you can a we pite help.

  8. Kia Ora Mia i'm Cailey i'm from Owairaka School I really like your spider its really good I like how you made the web with string and you put popsicles to hold it good job

    Blog ya later
    Check out my blog

  9. I have improved my comment to you : Hi Mia My name is Bridget. I am a year 5 in rimu class.I like how you have put some steps in it and what you need to make it you might want to write more.Can you make it in diffrint clours. why did you make these in class . you taught me how to make a snow flake.