Monday, October 31, 2016

Making Origami Bats For Halloween


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  2. Hi my name is Mia from Yaldhurst school and I really like your origami bat. I am thinking of maybe doing that for next halloween. Next time I think that you should make it on a slide with the photos with the steps on them.

  3. Hi mia its maddison Im a studint in rimu class at Yaldhurst school Maybe Do difrint wrinting and do some punscashen but it looks cool did you have fun

  4. Hi Mia, my name is Mika. I'm from Yaldhurst Model School in Rimu(the highest class). I really like your bat. But to make it better you can write more like what challenged you. Also I am half japanese so I make lots of origami creations. :)
    From Mika

  5. Kia Ora my name is Maya from GreyMain School.I saw you showed people how to make a bat.One day I really want to make this I have a question for yu how long did it take to make it?
    by Maya

  6. Hi Mia, its Jasmine here from Mamaku 1 at Grey Main School. Wow I loved that you had lots of pictures. Next time you could add more information like how you felt when you made your bat. How did you feel when you made your bat?

  7. kia ora Mia my Name is Zyah from Grey Main school I like your blog post about bats one day I think I would like to make one next time i think you could put more infomatton in.
    I have Some questions whats your favorite color and your favorite animal. well`i might comment on your blog next time and if you have a chance could you c cheek out my blog;postID=7276434107885238997 thanks by Zyah

  8. Kia ora Mia my Name is Lavinia from Grey Main School I like how you
    did it step by step. But next time when you make something can you put it in s slide or a google drawing. This would make it easier to see and it is a good Halloween bat you could hang it up so other people can see it. you could comment on my blog by Lavinia Bye.

    1. Thanks Lavinia. Next time i will remember that lol