Friday, May 11, 2018

Rubbish Writing

                                                            Rubbish Writing
This is my writing about why we should pick up rubbish and stop littering. Maybe reading this might change how you act by littering.

Rubbish can kill animals because the rubbish can block up their lungs and them die.  Rubbish can affect our waterways because it can block up some pipes and it could make the lakes very dirty and not protected.

Did you know that turtles keep dying from eating plastic.  And the more we litter, Then it gets swept away by the storms into the ocean, The more animals die because of our mistake. And did you know that 800 animals are killed each month by plastic and rubbish and more things.

I think Hayden Smith is a good person for cleaning up the country and convincing others to help him clean up the country.  If we would all help clean up our local beaches and rivers then we could all have a nice, clean place. We wouldn't have to worry anymore about losing all of our rivers to pollution.

Keeping our waterways, animals, ocean and land safe is very important, if we all work together to find new ways to use less plastic then we will have much cleaner places, otherwise we can just keep cleaning and cleaning. Protecting our home and animals are important.

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  1. hello mia love the work and we were doing the same last term anyways happy bloging